News News Briefs — 30 October 2015
News: Plummer returns to teach, coach at Rock Creek

Interview with new junior high social studies teacher Adam Plummer

So, how do you like Rock Creek?

“I really like Rock Creek. Great culture, very positive school. Great place to be. It’s good to be back.”

Back to Rock Creek?

“Yeah, I graduated from here in 2002.”

Where did you work before you came to Rock Creek?

“I worked nine years at Valley Heights, which is a small school north of here.”

Have you always wanted to be a teacher?

“I did. I actually went into education because I wanted to coach. Then, after a few years, I found that coaching became kind of secondary.”

How is Rock Creek different from your last teaching job?

“Completely different culture.”

What do you mean by culture?

“Much more positive. Ability to take risks, students are better behaved, more independent, more creative.”

Moving onto girls basketball, how many years have you coached this sport?

“This will be my 11th year of coaching basketball. I’ve coached both boys and girls basketball. This’ll be a little different going from boys to girls this year.”

Have you coached other things?

“I’ve coached golf for six years at Valley Heights.”

Do you prefer it over teaching?

“I don’t. I enjoy both. When I first started education, teaching is what led me to coaching, but since I started, I’ve enjoyed being in the classroom more. It’s just educating in a different field.”

Do you see changes in students when they go from a classroom environment to a more active one?

“Yes, I do. Some of it’s good, and some of it’s bad.”

What kind would be good and bad?

“Well, just the ability to redirect behavior and stay on task when they’re very active. You do spend a lot of time redirecting behavior.”

Do you plan to continue coaching? And, What do you hope to accomplish in the years to come?

“I do. I want to kind of establish a different mindset, culture and attitude with the girls team. Promote it a bit more than it has been.”

What is your favorite thing about coaching, and why?

“My favorite thing would probably be — and it’s not winning — obviously, that’s great. As a coach, it’s just seeing the development of the team. You understand, though, people on the outside don’t get it, that as long as they improve, or come close to reaching their potential, then you’ve essentially done what you’re supposed to, even if you don’t win.”

Do you have any advice for your students?

“Just do your work. Turn it in on time.”

Interview by Dessy Mathos, staff member

Photo courtesy of Inter-State Studio & Publishing Co.


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