Opinions Reviews — 30 April 2015
Opinions: ‘The Longest Ride’ tells captivating love story

As a love story in the present and a love story in the past collide paths, viewers can see how love can truly withstand the test of time.

In the movie The Longest Ride, the story is set as the audience watches a bull-riding country man, named Luke, fall in love with Sophia, an aspiring artist who is taking a job in New York in two months. You might be wondering how this love story could ever work out. As I watched the movie play out, I saw how an old man, named Ira, who was rescued by the young couple, guided them in the path of love.

From the first time Sophia stepped foot into the hospital room where Ira was being taken care of, I knew there was going to be a special meaning for Ira in the movie. Sophia continued to visit him and read him the letters he wrote when he was younger to his wife, who is dead. Sophia began to share her life with him. It is not until Luke comes to see Ira that Sophia and him finally start a relationship. As I watched, I was continually drawn in on how they made the two love stories so much alike. For Ira and his wife, love was tested when he went away to war and also when they found out they could not have children. So, they began to collect art, because she loved art. For Luke and Sophia, love was tested with his love for bull-riding and her love for art.

“Riding a bull lasts eight seconds,” his mom says. “That girl could be the rest of your life.” This line was not only my favorite quote from the movie, but it portrays the whole theme of the movie, which is that love takes sacrifice… no matter what. Luke and Sophia are on “the longest ride” of their life when they commit to each other, rather they know it at the time or not. So does their love story with hold the test of time like Ira and his wife’s did? That is for the viewers to find out.

I would highly recommend this movie. It drew me in from the first scene of Luke bull-riding and getting injured. It is a romantic movie with many twists and turns that makes it more entertaining than a regular old romance. And, I think that even guys would enjoy going and watching this movie.

Article and photo by Megan Thompson, yearbook photography editor

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