Opinions Reviews — 30 March 2015
Opinions: New ‘Cinderella’ movie has changes from original story

“Have courage and be kind” are simple words to live by, but were the most important to a young girl named Ella.

In the new movie Cinderella, we become reunited with the character we all know from the children’s story. But, there is a little variation.

Overall, the plot of the story held very true to the original story we all know and love. There were a few minor changes, as in Gus, Cinderella’s faithful mouse companion, does not actually talk, and the stepmother decides to sabotage Cinderella’s fate with the prince.

Another change from the original is that, in the new movie, Ella is a very strong- willed, courageous person. She never forgets the words her mother told her to live by before she passed, ‘Have courage and be kind.’ When her father gets remarried, she lives with him, her stepmother and stepsisters. Her father leaves for a trip, for he is an apprentice, and dies overseas, which leaves her left to the stepmother. Her stepmother excludes her from everything, but Ella never loses hope and keeps doing anything she can to be included. Also, at the end of the movie when the kingdom’s men are searching for the mystery princess, the prince is not seen with the front men who are leading the search. He is disguised as one of the knights in the back of the group. So, when the two leaders try to leave without seeing Ella, he stops them and makes them see her, as well as the two stepsisters.

In my opinion, I thought the movie was very good, and the changes that were added fit very well and made the movie much more dynamic and interesting. I figured it would be just a repeat of every other Cinderella that has been made, but I was surprised, and I highly recommend this movie.

Article and photo by Natalie Lindsey, staff member

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