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‘Duff’ is a word that stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend, and The Duff is a movie about social statuses in high schools.

The main character is Bianca, who is played by Mae Margaret Whitman. She is the DUFF of her two best friends, Jess, who is played by Skyler Samuels, and Casey, who is played by Bianca Santos.

Bianca finds out she is her friend’s DUFF at a party she went to with her friends. Her neighbor Wesley, who was played by Robbie Amell, was at the party, and he was the one who told her she was the DUFF. She did not believe it at first until she started to notice the only reason people talk to her was to get information about Jess and Casey. After she realizes what is going on, she tries to change herself with Wesley’s help.

He takes her on a shopping trip, where she gets a bra and tries on a a lot of different outfits and styles. The whole time she is doing this, he is recording her because she is actually having fun. What they did not know was someone else was recording them. Caitlyn, who was the enemy’s best friend played by Rebecca Weil, was also at the mall and just happen to see Bianca and Wesley, and so she records everything and sends it to the “It Girl” Madison, who was played by Bella Thorne. Madison is Wesley’s on-and-off girlfriend; she is popular, and everyone listens to her. Madison makes a parody video out of it and sends it to everyone.

At this point, Bianca has no one on her side. Her best friends Jess and Casey are not there to support her because Bianca let them go. She did not want to be the DUFF to her best friends. She is so upset and mad about what happened that it is driving her crazy. Everyone is pointing fingers at her and laughing, and her crush Toby cannot even look at her. Toby was the biggest reason why she was trying to change. That parody video pretty much ruined her life, but the entire time, Wesley stayed by her side. He continued to help her change herself, and he did not leave her when Madison was trying to ruin their life.

From the beginning, I knew that Bianca and Wesley would end up together. They were perfect for each other. He knew the real Bianca and did not want her to change. Thanks to his help and her two best friends, Jess and Casey, which she got back. She did not have to change; in the end, she was okay with being the DUFF.

This movie was great, and I think every junior high or high school should see this movie so they know how to ignore the labels they get. As they say, you either know one, you have one or you are one. You just have to accept it and be who you are.

Article by Amber Rayo, staff member

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