Features — 30 March 2015
Features: ‘The Dress’ causes differing opinions among students

The fact that a single image could divide an entire nation into two, very distinct sides is no surprise. But, just why did this particular image create such controversy?

A picture of a lace dress swept across the internet recently, with the question tagged to it, ‘What colors do you see?’ On one side, many saw the colors blue and black, while others saw white and gold. Arguments soon arose across social media. Both camps were sure that the other had to be color blind, if not crazy. After all, it was a person’s own eyes they were talking about.

“At first, I thought my sister was lying about seeing white and gold because all I saw was black and blue, but then I realized that she wasn’t and became curious,” junior Mariah Matthews said.

According to www.wired.com, the reason for the controversy is due to “primal biology and the way human eyes and brains have evolved to see color in a sunlit world.” The original image that mesmerized the internet was of low quality. In reality, it depended on how each individual’s brain interpreted the light coming off of the computer screen. Each interpretation could differ, creating such controversy.

“At first I saw black and blue, and then I was able to see gold,” sophomore Blake Ruder said.

The dress was confirmed to be blue and black. But, for those who saw white and gold, they were not crazy, but unique.

At Rock Creek, 75 students were surveyed, and 52 of those saw the colors black and blue, while 23 saw white and gold.

As for the dress now being famous, sophomore Cooper Schlochtermeier said, “It was something to talk about for a day.”

Article by Brynn Hammett, yearbook design editor

Screenshot by Olivia Lee, yearbook photography editor

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