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News: Renaissance Club sponsors spring rally

“The Not Tonight Show Starring You” was held on Jan. 22. It was hosted by the Rock Creek Renaissance Club, which had been planning the event since December of 2014.

One of the rally’s purposes was to reward those who had improved their GPA, had maintained a 4.0 or had perfect attendance the previous semester. Another purpose was also to involve different students through participating in different activities. This semester’s rally had an entertainment show theme, basing many of the ideas off of the famous Jimmy Fallon late show. The activities included “Box of Lies,” “Egg Roulette,” “Family Feud,” lip syncing and a trivia ABC game.

The first event, “Family Feud,” was played just as the game show. Competing in it were four students from each grade and then a team for the staff. The competitors first buzzed in and then tried to clear the board in order to gain a point for their class.

“It was fun,” freshman Marshall Fike said. “I personally didn’t answer many questions, but hearing all of the answers from everybody was pretty funny.”

The next game, “Box of Lies,” was where two people sat facing one another with boxes in front of them. They had the choice to state truthfully whatever was in the box, or lie about it. The other person then had to decide if the other was lying about what was in the box or not. Students and teachers from different classes faced off against the other.

Sophomore Walker Suther said, “I felt pressured, but it was fun trying to figure out what the other person was thinking.”

A lip sync battle followed. This was where two students from each grade, plus staff, chose a song and prepared a lip-syncing routine to perform. Participants included freshmen Demi Kunkel and Megan Mocabee performing to “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. With the 1983 hit by Bob Seger, sophomores Rachel Forge and Sam Sherwood entertained the audience to “Old Time Rock and Roll.” For the juniors, Carson Becker and Layne Turnbull amused the audience by performing to “Billy Jean” by Michael Jackson. The seniors were next with a performance to “Glamorous” by Fergie. Seniors Jackson Goodmiller and Zach Nider performed in wigs and dresses while attempting to crowd surf to end their performance.

“Our costumes were great,” senior Zac Nider said. “We looked good in our dresses. They were pretty, but small.”

Science teacher Kellie Milner and FACS teacher Shelby Davidson ended the battles with a well-choreographed routine to “Push It” by Salt and Pepper.

Each routine was judged by the Renaissance sponsors.

An “Egg Roulette” game followed and was a competition for the class sponsors. Each group of sponsors faced off against the other, first choosing from a carton of eggs. Some eggs were hard-boiled; some were not. They then cracked the eggs on their heads.

“My egg roulette experience was awful, but fun, because I picked two eggs in a row that were not hard-boiled, and it went all over me,” senior class sponsor Tori Sieben said.

Finally, as an “in between” game, trivia questions were asked throughout the audience. They had a choice of A, B or C and got a box of nerds for getting the question correct.

All in all, the hard work and dedication paid off.

Renaissance sponsor Jeri Brummett said, “The assembly did just what we wanted it to. It recognized kids and their academics. The staff was very outgoing and willing to put themselves out there so the kids could laugh at them. Our sponsors were great, and overall it was a good hour and a half for Rock Creek.”

Article by Brynn Hammett, yearbook design editor

Photo by Caleb Rogge, yearbook copy editor

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