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Opinions: Staff member visits the Blue Barn Farm pumpkin patch

Pumpkin patches: every kid loves them, and, heck, almost everybody actually loves a pumpkin patch.

On a nice fall day, my family and I walked out the front door, determined to go to a pumpkin patch. To find our patch we went to and searched for a close one. Blue Barn Farm, located at 9955 Huff Rd. in Westmoreland, came up, so we decided to give it a try.

When we arrived, it was a quaint little barn with a house nearby. We walked in, noticing there was no cost to enjoy the pumpkin patch — already off to a good start! We talked, for a short moment, to the owner, who told us about entertaining things to do around the patch, including a corn maze to go through, a tree stump to climb and an interesting old farm tool to see. My younger sister, who is six years old, thoroughly enjoyed the set up.

We then ventured into the little barn, and in there, we discovered homemade treats and crafty decorations; for instance, there was apple cider and Rice Krispie treats, and for the decorations, there were hand-painted ceramic pumpkins and small signs. Also, we visited with the owners a little more and discovered this was their first year and that they plan to make the event much larger with years to come. One entertainment they are for sure adding next year is a hay rack ride around the property, but they also plan to add more activities that are fun for all ages.

After visiting the barn, I went to through the corn maze, climbed the tree stump and helped my younger sister to pick from a variety of pumpkins. There were multiple different shapes and gourds to take home. Everything was fairly priced, and they sell almost everything that you can see, maybe even a chicken if you are lucky!

It is not the best pumpkin patch in the world, but it is a patch that I will definitely think about returning to in the future. The owners are incredibly sweet and will do anything for the people who visit. Overall, I would rate the pumpkin patch with a 7 out of 10 for activities, but a 10 out of 10 for the environment. Way to go, Blue Barn Farm.  I am excited to visit in the future!

Article by Alexis McCormick, Newspaper/Video Editor in Chief

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