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Opinions: Teachers should allow music in class

Should music be allowed in class? Many students would like to listen to music in class, and some teachers allow music in class, but I think it is beneficial to both students and teachers.

Allowing students to listen to music while in class, when the teacher is not teaching and or the class is in “down time,” can benefit students, as some kids concentrate better with music. My opinion about having music in class is that it helps me to focus and to stay on task, and I just like to get away from some things through music. It also keeps me awake and gives me energy.

Another reason to allow music in class is that studies have proven that listening to music while working on the job, in school, or simply on any project, can improve a person’s mood and help him or her while working on a task.

While some people may not like having music in school because it can be a distraction, I love having music to listen to in class, but only when it is acceptable. Teachers should be able to make rules about listening to music so that students do not abuse this privilege. For instance, a teacher may say that a student can only have one ear bud in, or headphone on at all times, so the student can still hear what is going on in class, or the teacher can make rules about how loud the music is or if students can sing along.

My overall opinion about music in class is that it should be allowed in class, but the teachers should be able to have specific guidelines about listening to music. Music is a good instrument to have for some people, just like me.

Article by Dillon Glassford, Newspaper Photo/Video Editor

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