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Opinions: Junior High adds iPads to the classrooms

There has been a lot of talk about iPads lately, like why the junior high students got them, when they high school students will get them and how we all could use them.

This year, junior high added iPads to their everyday learning. There are many rules for the iPads for the junior high students.  One of the rules is that if a student is failing any classes, a teacher can lock that student out of the app store and take away those privileges. Another rule is that if a student misplaces or loses his or her iPad, that student must return to using pencil/paper for assignments.

For classes, students do most of their homework on the iPads, and teachers teach many lessons on the iPads. Most of the junior high students do like the new iPads and hope that they can continue to use them for help and learn with them.

And, that may happen, as the news going around now is that high school students will get iPads next year, with board approval. This can be good and bad news, depending on if a person is good with technology.

I think the iPads will be advantage and a disadvantage because everything will be electronic, so if you delete something it is gone forever. It will make learning a whole new concept that might be confusing at first for teachers and students. This might be harder because for most classes they turn everything in on the iPad. Technology can be a good and bad thing, but many students are looking forward to the iPads because it is a new expression that will stick with us and help us to learn new things.

We all will have to adapt to the new changes, and having the iPads in our everyday learning will be a new change. I do not think it will be easy to switch from paper and pencil to an iPad, and call me old fashioned, but I prefer using pencil and paper.  I am one for change, but I do not think that we should move totally away from traditional learning to electronic learning.

Article by Patty Frady, Newspaper Photo/Video Editor

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