News News Stories — 30 October 2014
News: First-year business teacher takes on new classes

Interview with new business teacher Shelly Kemper

Question 1: How do you like teaching at Rock Creek?

Answer 1: “I love it. The kids are great, and the staff is great. It’s a great place for my first teaching job.”

Question 2: What do you teach?

Answer 2: “I teach business and technology classes.”

Question 3: What colleges did you go to in order to become a business teacher?

Answer 3: “I went to Hutchinson Community and K-State.”

Question 4: What do you have to have to qualify to be a teacher?

Answer 4: “To teach, you need a bachelor’s degree and teaching license. It’s different for others.”

Question 5: Is it hard to teach high school students? If so how do you get them to listen?

Answer 5: “It’s challenging at times, but if they respect you, they listen better.”

Question 6: How many students do you have taking your classes? Were they bigger or smaller than you expected? Are you trying to get more students to take your classes?

Answer 6: “Average, 12 or 13 students. We are trying to increase the enrollment.”

Question 7: In your opinion, how important are your classes, and how do they affect the future lives of the student?

Answer 7: “I think they’re very important. You can immediately relate them to their lives. We deal with money, and we talk about the businesses that the students spend their money at. We work collaboratively with others.”

Question 8: You’re teaching on computers. How do you keep the students on task and not on the internet off task?

Answer 8: “It depends on the classes. Really you just have to trust the students and watch them.”

Question 9: Where did you teach or work before coming to Rock Creek?

Answer 9: “This is my first year teaching, but I worked for Digital Broadcasting Group.”

Question 10: Is there anything else that you wanted to do other than teaching? If so what?

Answer 10: “I wanted to do sports marketing.”

Question 11: What experiences do you expect to get here at Rock Creek?

Answer 11: “Working with quality students and develop my teaching skills.”

Question 12: What other duties do you do here at Rock Creek?

Answer 12: “I coach volleyball, sponsor FBLA, and I sponsor the freshman class.”

Question 13: What do you do as a class sponsor?

Answer 13: “I help raise money and helped plan the tailgate for Homecoming, but that’s all that we have done so far.”

Question 14: Do you think this is going to be a good year?

Answer 14: “I do. It had a good start.”

Interview and photo by Taralynn Gresham, Staff Member

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