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Interview with FACS teacher Shelby Muha about her recent engagement

Question 1:  I have heard of your engagement, can you tell me how he proposed?

Answer 1:  “We were challenged to do the Ice Bucket Challenge in August by a couple of our friends,
and when you are challenged, you have to do it within 24 hours, and so we were challenged on a Saturday, so we had until Sunday evening to complete the challenge. I texted [my fiance] Justin and said, ‘Hey, we were challenged, we need to do this, and he was like, ‘Ok,’ and so, we were getting everything set up, and we had practiced and said who are we going to challenge, and we had it set up so that he was dumping the water on me, and then I would go and dump the water on him after I went first. And so, I rambled through my challenging of people here at Rock Creek because I wanted it to go through the school. I was waiting for him to dump water on my head, and he didn’t do it, so I turned around and was like, ‘What are you doing?’ and he had a ring, and he was on one knee, and he asked me if I would marry him. And, I said ‘yes,’ and I dropped the ring, and then he poured water on my head.”

Question 2:  Where were you when he proposed and when did it occur?

Answer 2:  “We were outside of my apartment building in a little picnic area, and it happened on Sunday, August 17.”

Question 3:  Did you expect that he would propose in such a unique way?

Answer 3:  “No! I was, like, 100 percent certain in my mind that he hadn’t even bought the ring yet. So, I was not expecting it at all. This shiny object caught my eye when I turned around, and I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh! I can’t believe you surprised me so much!’ so it was a big shock for sure.”

Question 4:  I heard that you signed a promotional contract, is this true?

Answer 4:  “Yes, we put our video on YouTube, and within less than 24 hours, we were getting a lot of
activity. It turned into a viral video. I think that’s what happens when that happens so quickly, and so, we were contacted by several different licensing companies, asking if we wanted to sign a contract with them to promote our video. They put advertisements on it and marketed it on a national platform. So, they contacted us, and we get a little bit of money for it, but not very much.”

Question 5:  What company did you sign this for, and why this company?

Answer 5:  “We chose Storyfull because they were the first ones, when I asked questions like, ‘Hey, how does this work? I don’t even know what this is.’ that got back to me right away with their answers. They gave us like $300 if we signed with them. So, we were like, ‘OK,’ so they promoted it like they said they were going to, and it was showing up everywhere.”

Question 6:  What does the contract state?

Answer 6:  “Basically, they bought the rights to our video. So, they bought the rights to promote it and get money for it if people chose to write an article about us or share the video on their website, they get money for it. We get money for it, but yet again, a very small amount.”

Question 7:  How did you get in contact with this company?

Answer 7:  “They contacted me through YouTube and left messages on my YouTube page, and we communicated that way.”

Question 8:  What were your first thoughts about the company and signing the contract?

Answer 8:  “I was concerned, and I didn’t know what it would entail. I didn’t want it to be a negative thing, [and] I didn’t want it to reflect poorly on us. My fiancé is a school teacher as well, and we are public figures, so we didn’t want to have something that could reflect poorly on us. So, we were a little hesitant, but we has
several people look over the contract before we signed it, and then we signed it so it lasts for one year.”

Question 9:  Did you have any doubts about this company or signing a contract for the video?

Answer 9:  “After they explained how it worked, I was pretty confident.”

Question 10:  Did you expect something like a promotional contract to follow your proposal?

Answer 10:  “No! When we posted it on Facebook, people were like, ‘This needs to go viral, this needs
to be on Ellen, this needs to be on the Today show! People need to pay for your wedding!’ and we were like, ‘Yeah, that would be awesome!’ So, the biggest shocks were those things that appeared on a national platform like [www.], Perez Hilton, MTV, [and] The Weather Channel App; I mean just
crazy places where you’re like, ‘This is so weird!’ The AOL homepage really sent it off into a new direction, too.”

Question 11:  So, how long were you and your fiancé a couple prior to your engagement?

Answer 11:  “We were together almost two years.”

Question 12:  Have you and your fiancé made any plans concerning the wedding?

Answer 12:  “Yes! We are almost all planned. We are getting married on Dec. 20 in St. Lucia, which
is in the Caribbean. We had to move very quickly on our plans, and we got to planning right away. We are doing a destination wedding with a really small group of people, just our family. Then, [we will] have our honeymoon there.”

Question 13:  What part of being married excites you the most?

Answer 13:  “Right now, I’m most excited about not having to say ‘goodbye’ at the end of the night when
Justin goes home. I’m excited about being partners and doing adventures together and supporting one another.”

Interview by Natalie Lindsey, Staff Member

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