News — 28 March 2014
News:  Forensics rolls through the competition this season

About halfway through a long season of forensics, the students have been working hard towards going to state. With tournaments almost every weekend, these students have been keeping very busy.

State forensics will be held on May 3, and many students have already qualified for state championships or state festival.

Forensics coach Keith Miller has been pleased with the students so far, saying, “We’ve been to five tournaments, and the team has won second at Lyndon and Rossville and first Sacred Heart, Marysville, Concordia and Riley County.”

At the Lyndon forensics tournament on Feb.15, the team placed second out of 18 schools. Receiving first were junior Jacy Johnston in oration and junior Kinzi Collins in informative; placing second was junior Amanda Del Toro in oration; placing third was senior Molly Pyle in dramatic solo; and placing fifth were sophomore Isaac Brunkow in prose and sophomores Rachel Askew and Cassidy Cheever in duet.

In Rossville on Feb. 8, the team took second out of eight schools that attended. Receiving first were senior Chance Maginess in extemp and humorous solo acting, Miller in dramatic solo acting and Cheever and Askew in duet. Placing third was Miller in extemp. Placing fourth was Brunkow in prose and Askew in dramatic solo acting. Placing fifth was juniors Kayla Huffman and Christian Vidana in duet. Finally, placing sixth were senior Isaac Camacho in IDA, junior Christine Thompson in IDA and prose, sophomore Justin Moser in extemp and Moser and sophomore Brett Schwarz in duet.

In the Sacred Heart tournament on March 1, the team placed first. Getting first place were junior Lyla Lenauer in humorous solo, Pyle in serous solo, senior Dani Rakowitz in informative and extemp and junior Alexis Engelken in prose. Getting second place medals were junior Mckenzy Umscheid in serious solo and prose and Del Toro in oration. Placing third were Miller in serious solo and Brunkow in informative. Placing fourth were Lenauer in IDA, junior Hayden Schlochtermeier in IDA and Cheever in serious solo. Placing sixth were sophomore Riley Mocabee in oration and freshman Avery Ebert in prose.

At the Concordia tournament on March 1, the team placed first. First place medals went to Maginness in extemp and Johnston in oration. Placing second were Sotelo in serious solo and Maginness in informative. Placing third were junior Kimmy Woodworth in poetry, sophomore Jackson Fike in informative, sophomore Emmalee Funk in informative and sophomores Lilly Schmitz and Alli Snapp in duet. Placing fourth were Funk in oration, Schwarz and Moser in duet and Collins in informative. Placing fifth were sophomore Mariah Matthews in humorous solo and Snapp in extemp. Placing sixth were Woodworth in serious solo and Moser in extemp.

Junior Amanda Del Toro has been doing very well in forensics this year.

She said, “I have placed at both Lyndon and Sacred Heart, which are the only two tournaments I have attended so far.”

Junior Kinzi Collins has hopes for state saying, “I might [qualify], but I’m not sure yet, and it would be in informative, most likely.”

Eli Miller has been working really hard this season bringing home medals in all three of the tournaments he has been to, placing at all three tournaments in Rossville, Marysville, and Sacred Heart and receiving six medals.

Eli Miller’s favorite part of forensics is, Miller said, “I enjoy performing in front of the judge and seeing my hard work pay off, because during class, all of the work and memorizing gets frustrating, but when you perform, you see all the work pay off, and it is nice to win a medal too.”

When asked about the upcoming state tournament in May this year, Keith Miller said, “We are working diligently and persistently. We should be in okay shape by the time May comes around.”

Article by Megan Thompson, Staff Member

Photo courtesy of forensics coach Keith Miller

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