News — 28 March 2014
News:  FBLA celebrates FBLA week, plus attends state conference

FBLA week was to get students excited about a week in the month before some of them head to state competition to represent Rock Creek.

“FBLA week was to celebrate businesses, and FBLA just happens to be one of the biggest businesses there is,” senior Matt Pearson said.

Beginning FBLA Week was the scavenger hunt on Monday, ice skating on Tuesday, bowling on Wednesday, giving out goodie bags of candy on Thursday, and Friday was “Hug Your FBLA Officer” Day, in which the officer with the most hugs from others won. If a student was in FBLA, he or she got in free to any of the events outside of school, but if a student was not in FBLA, then it cost him or her a small fee.

“It was something fun for the FBLA officers to do,” senior Jacob Milham said.

Following FBLA Week, 25 members went to the state FBLA conference on March 24-26. In addition to being a leadership conference, students also competed in FBLA competitions, with seniors Chance Maginness, Milham, Pearson, Kelsey Parker and Dani Rakowitz and sophomore Tayler Johnson placing at state and qualifying for nationals in Nashville, Tenn. Seniors Larissa Eshelman and Brett Hammett were runners-up at the state contests, too.

All of these students are representing Rock Creek for the very first year since new business teacher Jeremiah Gregory brought FBLA to Rock Creek this year.

FBLA contests are not the only thing that Gregory has brought to Rock Creek; he has also started an FBLA store.

The FBLA store is open before school, during advisor and after school. Gregory got the idea of a store from the other school that he taught at, Hanover, and shared it with the FBLA members, who were excited by the idea. The FBLA store includes drinks, such as soda, and food, such as cookies, snack cakes, etc.

“It was a good idea to have a store open because it gives FBLA some more money,” Pearson said, while Gregory added, “At first, the store didn’t take off, but when the students of Rock Creek heard about it, they started to flow in, and business has been steady.”

Story by Ethan Spence, Staff Member

Photo by Jacob Milham, Newspaper Editor-in-Chief

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