Features — 31 January 2014
Features: Classes choose favorite movies from 2013

When talking to the students of Rock Creek about their favorite movies from 2013, there were some really exciting movies that were said by the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes. Now to see the results of everybody’s favorite movies of 2013.

When the freshman gave their input with the movies, the most popular with them was “Catching Fire,” and the second was “The Croods.” “Catching Fire” is part of a series and “The Croods” is an animated movie and it is meant for the whole family.

The sophomore class was next, and for their most popular movie, they selected “Lone Ranger,” with more than half of the class agreeing with that movie. For the second favorite, the sophomore class selected “Anchorman 2,” which hit the number of spot for comedy. For the most shocking movie, for them, it was “Frozen.”

Now for the juniors, with their favorite was “Anchorman 2,” which is a part of a series, and the second favorite movie was “The Fast and The Furious 6 ” and “Catching Fire.”

Last but not least, the senior class, with their most popular movie being “We’re the Millers”. With the second most popular movie, there was a tie between “Catching Fire” and “The Heat.”

Article by Ethan Spence, Staff Member

Photo by Kitrina Miller, Staff Member

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