News — 31 January 2014
News:  Rock Creek hosts K-State student teachers

Rock Creek has welcomed three new student teachers this semester, as Katie Croswhite, Drew Horton and Elizabeth Huck are beginning their student teaching careers at Rock Creek.

Student teaching involves a lot of hard work and always putting the students first. They still have homework, along with making lesson plans. It is suggested that students teachers not have outside jobs, because they are supposed to treat their student teaching as their job.

Croswhite is a senior at Kansas State University, majoring in Secondary Education with an emphasis in history. This semester, she is working with both American History teachers Chris Schmitz and Mike Zabel.

“I have known ever since fifth grade that I wanted to be a teacher,” Croswhite said.

She is from a larger high school in Kansas City, Mo., and she said that she knew she wanted to teach at a smaller school. After finishing college, she plans on teaching in Kansas City for one year, and after getting married, she intends to move to Colorado.

“The atmosphere at Rock Creek is great, and I am really enjoying getting to know the students better,” Croswhite said.

Horton is attending KSU with a major in Music Education and is student teaching in the choir classes with choir teacher Todd Walters.

He is from Manhattan and said, “I grew up wanting to go to KSU.”

Horton decided in his senior year of high school to become a teacher.

“My choir teacher made a great impact in my musical life, and I then decided I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives,” Horton said.

Horton said he is enjoying working with Walters and teaching his musical groups.

“Mr. Walters has been wonderful,” Horton said. “He is a very personable person. He is very understanding and a great teacher, providing feedback for ideas and encouraging me while I teach.”

After graduating, Horton would like to settle into a job close to this area.

Huck, originally from Scott City, Kan., is also attending KSU with a major in music education, with an emphasis in secondary instrumental music education. Instead of working with the choir, though, she is working with the band director Nate Craft.

“I decided to become a teacher for two reasons,” Huck said. “First, most of my role models have been teachers, and I have been inspired by them countless times. Second, I love hanging out with young people.”

After finishing college, she would prefer to teach in a small district.

“I love the close-knit community that comes in a small town and in a small district,” Horton said.

Huck is learning many things from Craft and enjoys the classes she is teaching.

“All of the students have been great, and the faculty is outstanding,” Huck said. “From day one, I felt very welcomed by everyone.”

Article and photo by Brynn Hammett, Staff Member

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