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News:  Debate prepares for regional competition

The Rock Creek debate team will be going to the regional tournament at Silver Lake on Dec. 21.

The team has had a great season this year, overall winning 158 and losing 87 rounds. With the topic of economic engagement with Cuba, Venezuela or Mexico, the debaters have been working hard. Unfortunately, not all of the students are able to go to the regional and state debate tournaments. Seniors Dani Rakowitz and Chance Maginness will be the affirmative team, with sophomores Emmalee Funk and Mikaela Morton as the negative team for the four-speaker regional team. As the alternates, freshmen Christian Berard and Shaelyn Basa will attend.

“I’m nervous, but I’m excited at the same time,” Morton said. “It will be an interesting experience.”

In 2012, Rock Creek moved to being a 4A school, which affected the debate team. Earlier this year, they went from being a 4A school back to a 3A school, and that affected the sport teams, along with the debate team.

“There is good and bad in everything,” coach Keith Miller said. “Our regional 3A level is harder than most, harder than the 4A, just because of how the teams work. I don’t think it is any easier than 4A.”

After a season of Rock Creek debate, they will end their year by hopefully placing in the regional and going to state. The rest of the debate team will still be supporting them and cheering them all on.

“The team will do wonderful,” junior Amanda Del Toro said.

The team should not worry about going to the state tournament with what they already have under their belts. They have already qualified six pairs for two-speaker state, and they have taken first place at five tournaments and have taken third at one. The team has had a great season this year, but regionals is a big deal for the debate team.

“Well, we’re all the underdog,” Miller said. “I still think that we have a shot. If we argue well and keep our heads about it, get a break here and there, then we can do it.”

Article by Matthew Coolman, Staff Member

Photo courtesy of Keith Miller

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