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News:  New weight room facility almost completed

Anytime from the end of January 2014 to the middle of February 2014, the new Rock Creek weight room is planned to be up and running for everyone, including strength classes, after-school weights and summer weights, to use.

Workers have been constructing this new facility about nine hours a day, since approximately July 2013. Over the summer, all of the summer weights programs are usually in the main gym, but since the main gym was also being redone, the students had to use the wrestling room, which is off of the side gym. The Rock Creek strength program has continued to use the wrestling area for in-school and after-school strength classes.

Assistant principal Scott Harshbarger said, “The wrestling team is at a major disadvantage. We had to move their mats and move their practice up to Westmoreland Elementary.”

Wrestlers are not the only ones having to adapt, concerning practice.

Mark Oberkrom, head strength coach, said, “I think it harmed our baseball [and] softball programs, because they had batting cages in here. I think it has hurt our basketball programs. They’ve had to change around practice times because the wrestlers were taking Westmoreland as one of their gyms to practice.”

Included in the new weight room will be seven full power racks with seven inlaid platforms, various cardiovascular equipment and new dumbbells. These all will be marked with a Rock Creek Mustang strength logo.

“There won’t be a facility that will rival this one in the area,” Oberkrom said.

The best advantage of the new weight room is “more space for the kids, new equipment, just having a room of your own. You don’t have to go upstairs to get to it. It has all the facilities, a bathroom, water [fountains], things like that,” Harshbarger said.

The new weight room will not only benefit students during classes, but all athletes have the chance every summer to come to the summer weights program.

“Honestly, I like showing our facilities off to the public,” Harshbarger said. “I really look forward to opening the weight room [and] having some kind of a grand opening. Anybody in the public can see the facilities they actually paid for. I think our kids will take a pride in our new facilities.”

Article and photo by Abbie Plummer, Yearbook Photo Editor



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