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News:  Rock Creek partners with Wamego Telecommunications to provide district television channel

When you are sitting at home, flipping through television channels, and you see the game you played in last week on TV, it must be an amazing feeling. With the new Rock Creek television station, you can have that experience.

Wamego Telecommunications (WTC) has a new channel, dedicated to the Rock Creek school district, that is now playing on its channel lineup. Since the channel launched on Oct. 7, the Advanced Multimedia and Design Technology students, plus a committee of teachers, have been working on content for the channel.

WTC contacted Rock Creek with the idea to give the school its own television network that would air on its “Essentials” channel lineup. Even though it will not be on other cable or satellite providers, it does not mean students who do not have WTC at home will miss out on the experience of viewing the channel.

“I’m trying to show [the channel] during lunch hour because that’s really the only time some kids have access to the TV station,” business and technology teacher Des Renner said.

The channel is available to anyone who has WTC, which means that it is open for the community. Currently, the channel has an informational slideshow that runs when video footage is not scheduled, and it has shown replays of concerts, football games and other special packages. This content allows viewers to relive an event, allows family members who missed the event to see it and allows community members to see the efforts of the students.

“In the standpoint of getting kids involved, it’s already created some excitement in both the Multimedia classes and the Design Tech classes,” Multimedia adviser Jessica Augustine-Stegman said. “Kids want to be a part of that, and maybe it will help recruiting for those who want to be in the classes in the future. As far as the student body, I hope they receive it well and actually watch it.”

Along with the current programming, Rock Creek will eventually have its own school newscast that will air on the network. Students in Augustine-Stegman’s Advanced Multimedia and Introductory Multimedia classes and in Renner’s Design Technology class will be responsible for developing the content and producing the show. While this is still in the planning stages, the administration supports setting aside space for the new television station.

“[There are] plans to create a studio in a classroom for a home base for equipment, and people will still have to go out and film ball games and concerts,” assistant principal Scott Harshbarger said.

To make sure that the news show will be a success, both the Advanced Multimedia class and the Design Technology class went on a tour of the Kansas State University studios at Dole Hall on Oct. 16, so they could observe how KSU’s Channel 8 student newscast was produced.

“They [the students] were able to see what hard work goes into it, how to be prepared for technical glitches and why they need to get the right footage for the stories,” Augustine-Stegman said.

The students and teachers involved with the station want it to be a success.

Junior Megan Thompson, who is in Introductory Multimedia, said, “I think they [students] will like it because they have a different look at things, rather than just the yearbook and newspaper.”


Article by Matthew Coolman, Staff Member

Photo courtesy of business/technology teacher Des Renner 

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