Opinions Reviews — 26 November 2013
Opinions:  New ‘Call of Duty’ game offers various challenges, but gets exhausting

The United States is in ruins and is no longer the “top dog” in the world. And, the “Ghosts” are the country’s only hope. The developers of “Call of Duty” bring you “Call of Duty Ghosts,” in which players fight for America against the Federation, which is trying to take over the United States.

“Ghosts” may not be the greatest “Call of Duty” game yet, but it does not disappoint.

Infinity Ward, Treyarch and Raven Software have created 10 main “Call of Duty” games, such as “Call of Duty 1-3,” “Modern Warfare” and “Black Ops.” Their latest creation, “Call of Duty Ghosts,” was released Nov. 5, with many new features and modes that made the new game even more exciting.

For example, there are Extinction and Squad modes. Extinction is similar to Zombies in other “Call of Duty” games such as “World at War” and “Black Ops.” In Extinction, a person goes through different levels, fighting alien-like creatures and trying to destroy their homes. Squad has four different modes you can play: Squad vs. Squad, Squad Assault, Safeguard and Wargame. Squad vs. Squad is a game where a person versus another human and their squad. In Squad Assault, a player can create other players and take them into battle. In Safeguard, a person and four other players battle enemies in 40 waves, or levels. Wargame is a mode where a player can either play by himself or play with up to five friends battling robots.

In those four modes, a player can play nine different games: Search and Rescue, Cranked, Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Infected and Blitz. Cranked makes the player kill another person within 30 seconds of his last kill. And, if he doesn’t, he dies. Kill Confirmed makes a person confirm the kill he just got by collecting a dog tag that hovers over the body. If the player doesn’t, he doesn’t get that kill.

At first, “Call of Duty Ghosts” was an exciting, new game that I could not wait to play. But, after playing it for a while, I began to get bored with it, just like all the other “Call of Duty” games. You go through it, shooting people to try to increase the amount of kills and deaths you have. After playing it for so long, it just gets exhausting.

Article by Dareion Webb, Staff Member

Photo by Dareion Webb, Staff Member

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