Editorials Opinions — 26 November 2013
Opinion:  Student clubs have become more active this year

It is a staple in every school. Big or small, schools always have clubs or organizations. The different clubs are numerous, ranging anywhere from Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) to chess club. There are several different clubs here at Rock Creek. The past few years, though, some clubs have been introduced, and some have had a facelift. To name a few, the clubs of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), FCA, Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), National Honor Society (NHS) and Student Council (Stuco) have been the most resurgent.

FBLA is a new club at Rock Creek, replacing Business Professionals of America (BPA). FBLA has already had a larger following as a club than BPA ever had, with more than 60 students in the club. In the first semester alone, FBLA already put together a school lock-in, which was attended by nearly 100 students. Another event was called Trick-or-Treat-So-Kids-Can-Eat, in which FBLA members went trick-or-treating to collect food to donate for kids who do not have access to food. This is just in less than three months time! Several more items are on the agenda for FBLA, such as state and national conferences and Toilet Wars, a fund-raiser in which toilets will be placed in yards in the Rock Creek community.

While we have a new club, FCA is one of the older clubs at Rock Creek. FCA was started in 1992 by physical education teacher Mike Beam. Over the 22 years of FCA at Rock Creek, it has had an off and on status, recently resurging around four years ago. The purpose of FCA is for students to have an opportunity for fellowship with others. The group usually meets at Rock Creek on Wednesday nights, and all are invited.

FCCLA is the same club, yet has new leadership. Family and Consumer Science teacher Shelby Muha took over the club, in the wake of Kjerstine Vaughn leaving Rock Creek at the end of last year. New blood is good, apparently, as Muha has been taking members of FCCLA to several conferences, including the national convention in late November. FCCLA has also been helping the Rock Creek community, by putting on a Halloween Hayday free to the public.

A new sponsor has brought NHS back to life. The club was taken over last year by English teacher Cherrie Lindsey. NHS has been mainly known for the annual blood drive, yet there is much more to this organization. NHS has participated in Cookies for Courage, making and delivering cookies to St. George and Westmoreland fire and police departments. Yet to come is also the annual Christmas caroling for the Rock Creek community and helping the Harvesters program in Topeka, Kan.

Stuco is another organization that has changed its leadership. Before, Stuco was mostly in charge of school dances, no more or less. This year, though, after being taken over by physical education teacher Jim Johnston, Stuco has already brought in public speakers, posted inspirational quotes and more. The most recent event that Stuco has had is the Kiss-a-Pig fundraiser, which raised $125 for Stuco by having teachers and students donate money for a teacher of their choice to kiss a pig during halftime of the Nemaha Valley football game on Oct. 25.

All of these clubs have helped the Rock Creek community more than any one student could. All the leaders, and especially faculty advisors, have made these clubs enjoyable, yet productive. As much as leaders do for these clubs, they would not be able to if they did not balance their schedules. Students should find clubs that they really feel they can handle and be a positive member of. All these clubs have different interests and events. Students could certainly find a club that they have similar interests with and become a positive member. If it were not for those positive members, these clubs would not be able have a positive impact.

Article by Jacob Milham, Newspaper Editor in Chief

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