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Sports:  Basketball teams ready for season to begin on Dec. 6

Interview with boys basketball head coach Jim Johnston

Q:  How was last year?

“It went well, but we fell short of our goals.”

Q:  Who was the main player in the games last year?

“[Senior] Ryan Schneider.”

Q:  What do you expect this year?

“We will have a lot of diversity, but have just as much depth.”

Q:  What do you think is a main character trait that was portrayed last year with those seniors?

“Selflessness and leadership.”

Q:  Who were the starting five last year?

“[Alum] Tyler Dillon, [alum] Jimmie Goodmiller, [senior] Ryan Schnieder, [alum] Shane Adams, [alum] Jacob Miller”


Interview with senior basketball player Ryan Schneider

Q:  How do you feel about last year’s season?

“It went well, but fell kind of short.”

Q:  How do you feel about the win/loss ratio — will it improve this year?

“We will do better this year than last year, probably.”

Q:  How was your year last year?

“It was fun, but I wish we would have gotten a lot farther.”

Q:  What was your favorite game from last year?

“Marysville, because we came back and started ‘busting’ some good shots!”


Interview with sophomore basketball player Carson Becker

Q:  How was it being a freshman and starting last year?

“It was fun, because I got to play with the varsity.”

Q:  What was your favorite memory from last year?

“Making two three pointers in a row against Silver Lake.”

Q:  What do you expect this year?

“What we can accomplish with our talents.”


Interview with girls basketball head coach Mike Zabel

Q: What do you expect for the year?

A: “[I am expecting] a lot of inexperienced freshman, and we don’t have any seniors.”

Q: Are there any other coaches besides you?

A: “Amy Blackwood.”

Q: Are you going to do anything different this year?

A: “Yes – we were probably play more zone defense than man.”

Q: How did the team do last year?

A: “7-13, [we] lost five seniors.”

Q: Who do you think will step up this year?

A: “Our juniors will have to. Some of them played a lot last year. [Juniors] Sarah Altenhofen, Alexis Wilson, Kayla Boltz, Blair Campbell and [sophomore] Alli Snapp.”

Q: What are your goals for this year?

A: “Improve as the season goes on, along with anticipation of the next year, when everyone returns with great experience.”

Interview with junior basketball player Jacy Johnston

Q: What do you expect for this year?

A: “To have lots of fun and make lasting memories.”

Q: When did you start playing basketball?

A: “Well, I played a little when I was four, but I didn’t play on a team until first grade.”

Q: What are your goals for this year?

A: “Only to have fun.”

Q: What position do you play?

A: “Guard.”

Q: Who do you expect to step up this year?

A: “The juniors because we don’t have any senior class members on our team.”

Q: How did you do last year?

A: “I thought the team did all right, we had problems with injuries.”

Q: What team would you say is your rival?

A: “Riley County this year, because they have really strong seniors.”

Boys basketball article by Justin Ward, Yearbook Design Editor

Girls basketball article by Colin Cook, Editorial Assistant

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