Fall Sports Sports — 31 October 2013
Sports:  Football team starts season slowly, gains momentum

Interview with football coach Mike Beam

What were your expectations coming into this season?

“I expected the season to be tough, but that we’d improve every game.”

How has the team compared to your expectations?

“They definitely lived up to them and have improved with every game.”

Compared to other seasons, how does the team look so far?

“There have been a couple of teams just like this year, but this year’s team has improved and has more room for improvement than others.”

Why do you think the team started out 0-5?

“We have played three real good, state-ranked teams, and we have a lot of new starters, along with a pretty
young team.”

How is the attitude on the team right now?

“Despite how the season has been going, the attitude is pretty good, and for the most part, people are staying

How do you think the team will do for the remainder of the season?

Beam said that he thinks that the team will compete and that they have a good possibility of making the playoffs.

Do you think the team will make the playoffs, and if so, how will we do?

“Yes, I think that we will make the playoffs and that we will do well. Teams that come out of our league usually do pretty well in the playoffs because we have such a competitive league.”

Who are some players that have stood out this year?

“[Junior] Nate Berard because it is his first year, [junior] Jackson Goodmiller because of how he’s running the ball and his play on defense, [senior] Marc Reiss for his play on defense and [senior] Matt Pearson for his play on the defensive line.”

What do you think of the talent you have coming in the next couple of years?

“We’ll be pretty good in a couple of years because we’re so young now.”

How do you like the new offense compared to the double wing?

Beam said he still likes the double wing better, but added, in the long run, the new offense might turn out to be better because it has more variety. He likes the double wing, though, because it had a 75 percent win percentage.

How do you like the new facilities this year?

“I love them, and when we get new locker rooms, it will be even better.”

Article by Justin Reiss, Staff Member

Photo by Mason Swenson, Alum

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