Opinions Reviews — 31 October 2013
Opinions:  New Apple operating system, phones reviewed by editor

The year is 2013. It has been more than six years since the first iPhone, Apple’s gift to the world of cellular devices. The iPhone has evolved accordingly, both on the inside and out. The latest evolutions have been with the greatly anticipated iOS 7 and the new iPhones 5C and 5S.

iOS 7 was the biggest thing since… iOS 6. It had been a year since iOS 6 was released. If compared to past operating systems, however, there is not a huge difference in its evolution. That all changed with iOS 7. Sure, the basics of the operating systems are still there. That is about the only part left, though. The keyboard, Notification Center, preinstalled apps… everything is different. There are some great new additions to the operating system, while there are some negatives.


  • My favorite new feature about the new iOS is the Control Center. The Control Center can be accessed by swiping up with the finger from the bottom of the screen. Controls such as those for the Wi-Fi and airplane power switches, flashlight, brightness and music are located here. Access to these controls is much easier than before, when separate apps, such as Music or Settings, would have to be accessed to have this control.
  • Another plus is that apps, such as the Weather and Stocks, are more appealing and give the user more info than the previous versions. I had downloaded third-party apps for the weather and stock market watch on iOS 6, but the new version is better than any other third-party app.
  • The smartest update for iOS 7 was the addition of iTunes Radio. This is built into the Music app and is similar to Pandora. Several million people use Pandora, according to www.statisticbrain.com.
    With the popularity of Pandora and the recent addition of an hour limit on Pandora, iTunes Radio may become a very popular feature of iOS 7.


  • The biggest downfall to iOS 7 is the fact that going back to iOS 6 is impossible. Sure, I love the new operating system. Yet, there are several Apple product users that are not updating out of fear that they will not like iOS 7, which is severely hurting its popularity.
  • My least favorite change in iOS 7, though, is the Notification Center. The new Notification Center is divided into three different sections and shows a day summary. This is useless to me, and I wish
    there was a way to remove the summary and just see my notifications.
  • The one original problem with iOS 7 was that it was possible to bypass certain basic securities, such as the phone lock. This was worrisome, yet the new version, iOS 7.0.2, is believed to have taken care of this.


I love iOS 7. Simple as that. Sure, there are small changes that are hard to get used to, but these were changes that needed to be made. My overall grade of iOS 7 is an A-. iOS 7 is the operating system of the future for Apple.

Speaking of the future, Apple is getting with the times for iPhone design itself. Apple recently released new iPhones, the iPhone 5C and 5S. There are very few differences compared to the iPhone 5, yet there are a few.

The biggest difference is with color and materials. The iPhone 5C has a more colorful, plastic back. The colors of the phone also match different software features within iOS 7. The original thought was that also this would make the phone less fragile and cheaper, but both of these are wrong to a degree. Tests have actually shown that the 5C is more breakable than both the iPhone 5 or even 5S. While the retail price of a 5C is $100 cheaper than that of the 5S, the original goal of Apple was to get the phone down to around $200 total. They failed incredibly at this goal, with the 16GB 5C being $549.99.

While the 5C has mostly cosmetic changes, the iPhone 5S has some pretty neat features. As the ‘S’ indicates, the 5S has the feature of Siri, unlike the 5C. The 5S also has a fingerprint sensor, a new way to add security to the phone. Plus, more improvements have been made to the cameras, such as a wider aperture and a better front-facing camera.

However, I am not crazy about the new iPhones. There is not much new about either of them, and what is new is not that great. The prices for both new iPhones are also way too high, and an automatic $50 should be added to the purchasing price for a good case to protect the phone. My overall grade is B+. There is still
some work to be done to remove the tag of ‘fragile’ on this phone.

Article and photo by Jacob Milham, Newspaper Editor in Chief

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