News News Stories — 31 October 2013
News:  Changes made to ZAP program again for this school year

Interview with ZAP coordinator Jeremy Lehning

What is the new ZAP policy?

“The length of time to complete ZAP work is different. Instead of waiting multiple days, now you have to turn it in the next morning.”

What is your opinion of the new ZAP policy?

“I like it because it’s beneficial. It’s helping kids not get zapped.”

With this new ZAP policy, what do you think the school is trying to accomplish?

“To help kids learn.”

Do you think Extended Day Learning (EDL) is necessary?

“For certain kids, yes.”

With EDL, do you think it will teach kids to not get zapped?

“Yes, it will teach them.”

Why did the ZAP policy change?

“To prevent kids from working from behind. They hopefully stay current with their work.”

How is ZAP going this year?

“It has been better because less people [are] getting ZAP’s.”

Is this year’s ZAP better than the last year’s ZAP?

“It’s more effective, it seems, because there are less people in ZAP.”

How do you think students like it?

“Most kids say it’s easier to get work done.”

Article by Dillon Glassford, Staff Member

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