News — 31 October 2013
News:  Journalism students begin year by attending workshops

Interview with journalism adviser Jessica Augustine-Stegman

So, how long have you been taking journalism students to the Josten’s workshop?

“I think we have been there three times in the last six years. There were a couple of years when we didn’t go because there were conflicts with other school activities.”

Would you say it is a good conference?

“Overall, yes, some years, it is, but some years, the information is the same.”

Why is it a good or bad conference?

“It helps to teach the basics of writing, photography and design, especially to the new students, and it helps the veteran students to refresh their knowledge.”

Do you learn something new every year?

“I try to, but sometimes, it is just basic information, so although I may already know it, my hope is that the kids learn a lot from it.”

Do you plan on going in future years?

“Yes, as long as there are different presenters and topics each year.”

What does the KSPA conference stand for?

“Kansas Scholastic Press Association.”

How long have you been attending this conference?

“I have went every year that I have been teaching, so 12 years, but the kids here have been going for six years.”

Would you say it is a good or bad conference?

“Good, because there are four different break-out sessions in which the kids can choose what they want to focus on, such as design, photography or writing.”

What did you learn from this conference?

“There are professors who teach at the conference who know what they are talking about, and it gets passed on to the kids.”

Do you plan on going in future years?



Article by Caleb Rogge, Staff Member

Photo by Jessica Augustine-Stegman, Adviser

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