Features — 29 March 2013

During the second semester of their last year of high school, seniors are able to do a “work release” instead of going to some classes, which seven seniors have decided to do this year. Seniors who are participating include Eric Beyer, Clayton Frakes, Ashtin Lee, Tory Plummer, Blaine Ridder, Shauna Severtson and Annette Trieb.

For a senior to join the program, he or she has to fill out an application form by the second semester. The students also have to be approved by a selection committee and have to have accumulated 19 academic credits. Finally, students have to enroll in a minimum of three classes if they are working on a black day and a minimum of four if they work on a silver day; three of the classes must be English 12, Government and one extracurricular class.

Seniors also have an on-the-job assignment; they get graded on how long they work and how well they did their job like attendance, attitude and appearance.

When the seniors participate in work release, they usually do the jobs they already work at. For example, if they work at a restaurant, they can work there during the senior program. There is also not a limit to how many seniors can participate in the work release program.

The work release program has been in effect at Rock Creek for five years, though it is only for seniors. Those who participate in the work release program say that it benefits them, plus allows them to make money.

“I work at the daycare on black days, and I know it is educational, and I love doing it,” Severtson said.

Another advantage of the program, according to some of the seniors, is that they find their jobs help them for the future more than taking other electives at Rock Creek would.

“It gives me a better education that helps me with my future goals,”  Lee said. “My job is more hands-on than school, since I help with surgery and cleaning tools.”

Article by Colin Cook and Dakota Glassford, Staff Members

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