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News:  Students select Miller, Newman as Homecoming royalty

The Winter Homecoming week, which took place from Jan. 2-4, was an exciting one for Rock Creek High School. The students had spirit days, in which they were supposed to dress up accordingly to show school spirit and support the team, and there was
also a dance, following the Homecoming basketball game.

The Homecoming king candidates were seniors Ben Commerford, Jimmie Goodmiller, Jacob Miller and Josh Roberts. For queen candidates, they were seniors Shiann Bruce, Crystal Chitwood, Codi Ebert and Taylor Newman. The winners were Miller and Newman.

The Homecoming queen, Newman, said that she had a lot of fun during spirit week and at the pep rally, as well. She was highlighted in the Manhattan Mercury and also on local television stations.

When she was announced as the winner, Newman said, “I was so surprised, I was like ‘Wow, I’m a queen.’”

For spirit week, the dress up days were Pajama Day on Wednesday, Favorite Cartoon Day on Thursday and Black and White Day on Friday.

“For Pajama Day, I wore a robe,” junior Justin Ward said.

Richard Dugan, the Student Council sponsor, was in charge of the dance. He said that Stuco funding paid for the DJ, flowers, crown, tiara and drinks, while Stuco members brought the snacks.

“This has probably been the best Homecoming yet,” Dugan said.

Sophomore Madison Hynek, who also went to the dance, said that it was a formal.

“I wore a polka-dotted dress to the dance,” Hynek said. “And [on Black and White Day], I dressed up.”

Article by Jayde Cantwell, Staff Member

Photo by Jacob Milham, Newspaper Editor in Chief

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