Editorials Opinions — 21 December 2012
Opinions:  Students should make time to help others during the holiday season

There are many ways that students can help others this holiday season. Whether it is simply giving a child a present or helping to feed a family, every little thing counts. Some people may not be able to figure out how to help, though. There are three main ways that people help each other during the holiday season: a national charity, a local service or at school. No matter how service is done, students should help this holiday season.

First, national organizations are an easy way to help, yet a person may not be as involved. Toys for Tots is an organization across the nation, in which a person can donate toys. The group will then give the toys to the millions of children who may not have Christmas presents without them. If someone would like to donate a toy, he or she can be put it in the dropbox at local stores, such as the Manhattan Wal-Mart, or it can be donated through www.toysfortots.org.

Another large organization is the Salvation Army, which is seen outside nearly every grocery store this time of year. People can help either by being one of the popular bell ringers or by simply dropping in some spare change. Unlike Toys for Tots,
the Salvation Army helps people year round, though, so a person can donate items, give money or work for the Salvation Army even after Christmas. All of these will go to help with many different programs, which range from disaster relief to youth camps. If a student would like to help with the Salvation Army, he or she should visit www.salvationarmyusa.org.

While these organizations are great, individuals can also make a difference locally. One of the biggest needs in the community would be for food and for supplies for families. In Manhattan, the Flint Hills Breadbasket, a local food pantry, collects non-perishable food and supplies in order to help others throughout the year. Donating to the group is an easy way to help during this holiday season and beyond. To find more information, one should visit www.breadbasket.manhattanks.org.

Another way that an individual or group can help is “adopting” a family, which can be done through the Salvation Army. On www.salvationarmyusa.org, people can find their local Salvation Army station, and there, they can adopt a local family.
When someone adopts a family, they normally give presents for the holidays or items that are needed.

If a person does not have the ability or the time to help in the community, it is possible to help during this season at their school, as many of the student clubs have service projects for the holidays. One of the ways to help here at Rock Creek is through the mitten tree. This tree, set up in the lobby, is where people can place hats, gloves or scarves onto the tree; the items will then be donated
throughout the Rock Creek community.

People can and should be able to help others this holiday season. Whether it be through a large or a local organization or within the  school, every little thing counts.

Article by Jacob Milham, Newspaper Editor-in-Chief


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