Features — 21 December 2012
Features:  Students prepare to buy gifts for family and friends

During the holiday season, numerous teenagers brainstorm gift ideas for their family, friends and significant others. While most students are completely lost while shopping or creating a gift, some kids know exactly what to buy for the loved ones around them.

“Usually, he [senior Sheldon Rogge] and I spend around $100 on each other,” sophomore Shannon Caffrey said. “He doesn’t need to, but he’s going to anyway, so there’s no point in arguing.”

While some students like to go all out for their friends and family, other like to spend a smaller amount.

“Depending on the year, I usually spend around $15 on friends,” senior Codi Ebert said.

According to the American Research Group, Inc., the average family spends about $854 on Christmas gifts. Families.com says that the average spent on a child is between $189-$379.

“I don’t expect anything from my friends,” sophomore Kinzi Collins said. “I think it’s really nice if they give me anything. It’s the thought that counts.”

Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends, and presents are a part of the traditions. With all of these price ranges in mind, be sure to spend as much as your budget allows and as much you think the person deserves.

Article by Paige Nickell and Mason Swenson, Yearbook Co-Editors in Chief

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