News News Stories — 30 November 2012
News:  Students and faculty vote for the president in November elections

This year was a presidential election year, with elections occurring on Tuesday, Nov. 6, and some of the seniors at Rock Creek were old enough to vote, making this their first election.

Senior Clayton Frakes, who turned 18 this year, voted for the first time.

Frakes said that the reason he voted was “The fact I could,” but also said it was “awkward” because everyone at the polling site was older than he was.

Senior Kyle Nelson was another student who was 18, but said that he did not get to vote in the election because he had a busy schedule, meaning he will have to wait for the next election. Even though Nelson did not vote, he said that he put a lot of thought into who he would vote for.

“I have been thinking about it since 2008,” Nelson said.

Social studies teacher Chris Schmitz, who encourages students who have turned 18 to vote in his government classes, said he has voted in “a dozen elections,” most of which are not presidential, and Schmitz said the reason he voted was because it is his “civic duty.”

Schmitz said, “Yeah, [I put a lot of thought into who to vote for because] the more local the election, the harder it is.”

Schmitz also said he thinks more young people should vote, “but not if they’re not going to take the time to be informed.”

Story by Kyle Lake, Staff Member

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