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News: Fall play, ‘Pygmalion,’ performed on Nov. 10

This year’s fall play, “Pygmalion” by George Bernard Shaw, debuted on Nov. 10 in the Rock Creek High School commons.

Director Keith Miller, who has directed about 15 plays, summarized the play as “a speech teacher who tries to teach a commoner to speak like royalty.”

The cast consisted of 16 members, with the lead roles earned by senior Sara Nider and junior Jackson Meyer. Since the cast members were announced, they practiced two or three times a week.

Junior Sarah Marek, who played the parlor maid, a bystander, and a party guest, said that practices were “all right, but sometimes it is hard because the leads are in sports. Everyone has been learning their lines well, though.”

Nider, who played Eliza Doolittle, agreed with her.

Nider said, “They’ve gone [well]. We’re a little short on practices, but I think we can pull it off.”

The students not only practiced in school, but also outside of school. Senior Trey Basa, who played a professor, said that he only practices on days ending in “y”. Nider also said that she practiced outside of school.

Marek, whose part consisted of speaking in a British accent, said, “I do [practice at home] actually, because I have a lousy accent. It has gotten a lot better.”

The members of the play seemed to agree that the best part was the people. Marek described the cast as an “extended family,” while Nider said that the best part is the friendships made within the casts.

Miller said, “Well, it’s always the students. I think we have a good group of students who are locked in on what they’re doing.”

Article and photo by Kynedee Hodges, Staff Member

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