News News Briefs — 30 November 2012
News:  Business Professionals of America attend conference

On Oct. 31, sponsor Pat Booth, senior Paige Nickell and sophomore Beth Stanley went to a Business Professionals of America (BPA) conference in Lawrence, Kan., at the University of Kansas Memorial Union.

BPA is a club that helps students improve their business skills and leadership skills. At the conference, they got to meet new people, go to workshop classes and vote for state officers. Nickell got the position of voting delegate and was able to vote for president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, historian and parliamentarian of the state officers.

Nickell said, “The voting was strange because you voted for multiple people.”

All of the participants attended workshop classes. Some of these classes were “Leadership Skills,” “Strengths and Weaknesses” and “Relating Songs to You.”

Only two students from Rock Creek went to the conference since Booth gave them the choice whether to go or not to go because it was on Halloween.

Stanley said, “The best part was meeting new people,” and Nickell agreed.

Booth said that she thought that the conference was beneficial to the students who attended.

“It helps the students learn leadership skills and other skills that will help them in the future or real world,” Booth said.

Story by Colin Cook, Staff Member

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