Features — 30 November 2012
Features:  Question and answer with former principal, Dennis Post

Rock Creek students and staff missed seeing the former boss in the halls at the start of this year, with principal Dennis Post retiring at the end of the last school year. Post, who had been the school’s leader for 20 years, has changed his routine in retirement. Now, it is time to check in to see what he has been doing.

Q:  How is retirement going?
A:  “It is great!  I do work for a virtual school as a student advisor, so I am not totally retired, but have slowed down considerably.”

Q:  What do you enjoy the most about retirement?
A:  “I enjoy having extra time to do things with my family. I go to K-State games, spend time in the yard and in the summer, beat Mr. [Jeremy] Lehning and Mr. [Jim] Johnston at golf all the time.”

Q:  What do you miss most about Rock Creek?
A:  “The students and the staff.”

Q:  What is something you dislike about retirement, if there is one?

Q:  What have you done during your free time?
A:  “Go to K-State events, work in the yard and play golf when the weather is nice.”

Q: Is there anything you are enjoying more since you have retired?
A:  “More free time to do things and a less hectic life.”

Q:  If you could say one thing to the faculty of Rock Creek, what would it be?
A:  “Keep doing the great job educating students. Also, someone wake up Mr. [David] Holliday!”

Q:  If you could say one thing to the students of Rock Creek, what would it be?
A:  “Do you have your assignments done? :)

Story by Sam King, Editorial Assistant

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