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News:  RC Club, Spanish students take group trips this past summer

Some Rock Creek students got to explore the world, as two clubs took trips out of the state this summer.

Eight RC Club members, with five sponsors, traveled to Colorado, and 11 Spanish students, with two sponsors, traveled to Costa Rica this summer.

Alumni Kyron Case, Katie Hodges and Logan Miner and seniors Shiann Bruce, Megan Srna, Breanna Stillwagon, Mason Swenson and JT Weers traveled to Colorado with Jeri Brummett, Michele Holaday, Jeremy Lehning, Emily Lehning and Jake Smith as sponsors.

Before going, the students had to pay for the trip by selling 10 RC Club cards at the beginning of the school year, paying out of their pocket or a combination of the two.

The night before leaving, both Weers and Stillwagon felt excited about the trip. As they arrived in the mountains, the group experienced the chance to visit the Olympic Training Center, go to a hot springs and raft in Brown’s Canyon.  For both Stillwagon and Jeremy Lehning, rafting was the highlight of the trip. Many board games and card games were played, as the cell phone service was indeed scarce in the mountains.

After three days of fun, the group came back to Kansas. The trip home was “longer than going out there,” Lehning said. Lehning and Weers are excited to go back, and the club will possibly have the chance to go back this summer. RC Club attends Colorado every two years, but may begin to go every year. “You should go,” said Stillwagon about the trip. Lehning said that the trip was a great bonding experience and helps with building rapport with friends.

Another student trip this summer was the Costa Rica Trip with alum Sam Wilson, seniors Cheyenne Deyo, Tyler Dillon, Codi Ebert, Jacob Miller and Weers, juniors Sarah Marek, Brooke Minihan, Dani Rakowitz and Morgan Schwinn and  sophomore Alexis McCormick, as Spanish teacher Sara Miller and college student Amber Schaffer, sponsored.

Sara Miller has gone to Mexico four times and Costa Rica once before. This trip, though, was different than before.

“[This trip] was better because we didn’t stay with families the whole time, [which gave us] a nice break,” Sara Miller said.

All 11 students had reasons for going. Ebert thought the trip sounded fun and a good experience, with some adventure. The vacation cost the students $2,035 to go.

“I paid for it by myself,” Ebert said, as she worked the previous summer and saved her money.

To get ready to go, the students had to have two years of Spanish class and have good behavior. Exchanging money for the trip was another preparation as the attendees met with Sara Miller.

“We met the school year before and talked about cultural differences, weather and exchanging currency,” Sara Miller said.

The kids were excited to leave, and finally did on June 25. While in Costa Rica, the students stayed in the suburbs of San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital, and made day trips to daily activities.

The students had the opportunity to go to the beach, rainforest, pineapple, chocolate and coffee plantations, hot springs and a volcano, cooking and dancing lessons and zip lining. Ebert liked the zip lining for the scenery, yet also enjoyed the beach. Miller and Weers favored the Hot Springs. On July 2, the group returned home.

“I was excited to get home,” Weers said.

Ebert’s feelings were similar as she was “ready to be home.”

Sara Miller said the trip home was hectic, as the group became separated in an airport.

A group of students will go back to Costa Rica in 2014. Ebert encourages younger students to go on the trip and be adventurous and excited, but not nervous.

Article by Jacy Johnston, Staff Member

Photo courtesy of Sara Miller

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