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News:  High school, junior high excel on 2011-2012 state assesments

State assessment results from the 2011-2012 school year are in, and Rock Creek has “done about the same with 95 to 98 percent proficiency,” Title I instructor Jeremy Lehning, who organizes the school’s assessments, said.

The tests that were taken were reading, math, science and history-government. The subject that scored the highest was 11th grade reading, with 98.3 percent, then eighth grade reading with 96.9 percent and finally, seventh grade with 96.6 percent. In math, seventh and eighth grade both scored higher with 100 percent, while 11th grade had 98.3 percent. In science, seventh grade had 95 percent, and juniors had 94.4 percent.

The school met the building-wide standard of excellence in math and reading, but not in science. The school gets the Standard of Excellence by getting a certain percentage or higher.

“Traditionally, [the school] did very well, like most every year,” principal Eric Koppes said.

The results are “a comparison year to year within the building, and they are a comparison to other schools within the state,” Koppes said.

Freshman Riley Mocabee said, “The tests are to show what we have learned and to find out if the teachers taught the subject well enough.”

Typically, the tests take one to three days, but teachers teach the concepts throughout the year and review the tested material with worksheets and online practice assessments.

Mocabee said, “The results are to make sure that we understand the subject and that we are ready to move on.”

Article by Tayler Johnson, Staff Member 

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