Features — 31 October 2012
Features:  Peters completes student teaching at Rock Creek

Ian Peters, a former Kansas State University football player, is now a student teacher and coach at Rock Creek High School.

Peters teaches American History, as well as World History, for Mike Zabel and also teaches World History for Chris Schmitz.

“Mr. Peters is a really good teacher, and he knows what he’s doing,” sophomore Rachel Forrester said.

He is not an easy teacher, but he is a good teacher, students have said.

“He’s not as easy as Zabel,” junior Brooke Minihan said. “He tries to do what Schmitz does, where he lectures, but he also has worksheets that we can find the answers to”

Not only do the students enjoy learning from Peters, but he likes teaching the students.

“If a teaching job came up here, I would most definitely take it because of the feel that is in the school, and I’m pretty familiar with everybody,” Peters said.

Not only is Peters a student teacher at Rock Creek, he also helped out with coaching football. Peters attended Pike Valley High School and played linebacker and tight end on the football team and played football for Kansas State University.

“It [college football] differed from high school football because it was a much bigger commitment, there was definitely more technique and the practices were way more difficult,” Peters said.

Students that have been coached by Peters have nothing but good things to say about him.

“Peters has had positive effect on the program,” senior Josh Roberts said. “He’s really energetic and knows about the game. He played at Kansas State University, so he’s like an older high school kid so we can relate to him really well.”

Students and staff are happy to have Peters as a teacher here, and he feels the same.

“The school is great, students and staff,” Peters said. “[It’s] just an overall great feeling.”

Article and photo by Felicia Smith, Staff Member

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