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News: Juniors raise money for Prom through magazine sales

Everyone wants to go to Prom, but some students do not realize that students have to raise money. This is not an easy task because Prom, which the junior class pays for, costs approximately $6,000, so one main fundraiser the juniors use to fund Prom is magazine sales.

Junior magazine sales started Sept. 6 and ended Sept. 26.

The three team captains this year were juniors Chance Maginness, Brooke Minihan and Kelsey Parker. In each team, there were approximately 20 people which each team captain was in charge of, making sure they did something to help.

The top seller this year was Maginness, who sold 101 magazines. This hard work paid off when he received an iPad. Not just people that sold 100 magazines, like Maginess, got prizes. If students sold at least five subscriptions, then they received a free SkinIt, which is a “skin” for phones or laptops and other electronic devices.

“I give Chance props because we will have more money for Prom,” Parker said.

This year, the class sponsors that were in charge were teachers Kellie Milner and Ashley Wege.

Milner said, “This is a pretty profitable fundraiser, plus there are ways that we can help you sell. You just need to come in and ask!”

Next year’s juniors will face the sales, and sophomore Rachel Forrester said, “I don’t really want to sell magazines. I would rather sell something like cookies. I like cookies.”

Forrester thinks that she may just opt out of selling magazines. If students decide not to sell, they are supposed to pay $100 to still go to Prom.

“I’m glad we sold magazines so we can provide a great Prom for the seniors,” Minihan said.

Article and photo by Alexis McCormick, Staff Member

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