Features — 31 October 2012
Features:  Koppes takes over as principal for Rock Creek

Eric Koppes, who replaced retired principal Dennis Post, joined the Rock Creek Junior/Senior High School staff this past summer.

Koppes said that the reasons he returned to Rock Creek were for the “great people” and because “it is a good school to be at.”

Before becoming the principal for Rock Creek, Koppes had been a teacher and a principal in Rock Creek and in other districts. He attended high school in Washington, Kan., and he went to Kansas State University, where he earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. He taught at Westmoreland Elementary School for 11 years and had been a teacher at Rock Creek for three years. Then, he became a principal at West Franklin High School in Pomona, Kan., for three years, and he was also principal at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School in Manhattan for five years.

Koppes said, “Yes, [I have enjoyed the school year so far] because I am learning a lot of new things and because of the new people I am meeting.”

Koppes said that his main focus for the school year is to have a safe and productive school year, while also “maintaining the high standards of Rock Creek.”

Just as Koppes has enjoyed his time so far as principal of Rock Creek, others have said they have liked having him as the principal.

PE teacher and head football coach Mike Beam said he is “excited about the changes that Koppes has brought to the school so far,” while junior William Henry said that he “was excited to have a new principal” and that Koppes has been “keeping people in line.”

Article by Kyle Lake, Staff Member

Photo by Kayla Huffman, Business Manager

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