Features — 31 October 2012
Features: Geiber joins Rock Creek staff as new math teacher

After graduating from Kansas State University last spring, Caleb Gieber is the new math teacher at Rock Creek.

Gieber grew up in Belleville, Kan. After high school, he majored in secondary education at KSU. He did his student teaching at Manhattan High School, which he said he liked as well as Rock Creek.

Now, Gieber teaches Geometry Concepts and Algebra Concepts. He is also trying to start a school golf team and plans to achieve that goal with school board support.

Gieber said, “Rock Creek is a great school district. Friendly people, great students… It’s sweet.”

Gieber seems to really enjoy his job at Rock Creek, just as students have liked having him as a teacher.

“My favorite thing about him is his grading method,” junior Kelsey Quinn said.

Quinn also said he seems to relate well to everyone.

Sophomore Ian Shriner said, “My favorite thing about Gieber is the way he grades papers.”

Shriner said his worst subject is math, but Gieber really helps him out, and now he has a good grade because as long as students make an effort to complete their homework, they will receive full credit.

“He’s a really good teacher,” sophomore Ashley Bramhall said.

Article and photo by Jayde Cantwell, Staff Member

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