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News:  Exit project committee makes minor changes to project requirements

The senior Exit Project has been around since 2002, and every year, the Exit Project Committee reviews the process to determine if changes need to be made.

This year, the committee, which includes teachers Jessica Augustine-Stegman, Pat Booth, Cherrie Lindsey, Sara Miller, and Des Renner, determined that the students, starting with the Class of 2014, needed to complete a face-to-face interview with their mentor and have earlier deadlines.

“The new interview will give students another source to do their research paper and connect them to their paper,” Miller said. “This change requires some of them to step outside of their comfort zone. [Also, it is always] pushing them because students are continually meeting and communicating with new people.”

Juniors will be required to record and to transcribe a short interview with their mentor when they meet with them to review their Exit Project proposals, although most of the questions in the interview segment are questions that the juniors must have answered anyhow, such as what experience the mentor has in the field or what the best way to contact the mentor is.

The juniors will also have an earlier deadline for their proposal, Nov. 15, because the committee wants to make sure that the project proposals are accepted before the juniors start writing their research papers at the beginning of second semester.

“With the juniors, I help them come up with the project and connect it to their papers,” Miller said. “With the seniors, I help them keep up with deadlines and any roadblocks they hit.”

Every day, students have to continually apply concepts they learn in this building to the outside world.

As junior William Henry said, “The senior Exit Project will affect my high school career because I have to go out and apply knowledge in the world.”

On the other hand, senior Cheyenne Deyo said, “It was something I just wanted to get done with.”

As for doing senior Exit Projects, each student has a different project. For example, senior Crystal Chitwood tutored at-risk elementary students, and Deyo grew two vegetable gardens, while Henry planned on learning to play the violin.

They each stated what helped them out the most, and Chitwood said, “Probably just getting it done on time and having it done before senior year,” while Deyo said, “My mom and my mentor.”

When asking the students if their project was time consuming, Chitwood and Deyo agreed that it was. Chitwood said, “It was very stressful,” while Deyo said, “It was because I have to water it and worry about it all the time.”

Article and photo by Abbie Plummer, Staff Member

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