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News:  Construction begins, technology upgraded at Rock Creek

Although the school has already been through many changes this year, more are in store for those at Rock Creek High School.

Throughout this school year, board members and others have thought of some changes for the school, in both the technology and construction departments.

At the beginning of this school year, many teachers received the option to use the iPad in the classroom. This technology can help the teachers become more interactive with their classes.

Students have been able to have a hands-on experience, although the teachers are the ones using this technology.

Junior Justin Ward, who is in Jeri Brummett’s anatomy class, said, “A few days ago, we did an activity on the iPad about the phases of the cell. It was really fun, and it made cool noises!”

Ward, excited about the activity, added, “It kept things interesting. It would be awesome if the students had their own iPads to use during the day.”

If the teachers give good feedback to the board at the end of the year, Rock Creek might start off next school year with iPads for all faculty and students to use. Then, the laptops would be replaced with iPads.

Along with using the Apple products, some teachers received new smartboards in their classrooms to use with the iPads.

Over the summer, five new smartboards were implemented in the core junior high classrooms. Throughout this year, they are being inserted into some classes in the high school.

Rock Creek has also started off with construction that was passed as part of the bond issue last spring. These changes will be done from March 2013 to May 2014. The first construction to be done is in the weight room. A new weight room will be built outside of the school, behind the main gym and to the east of the old gym. Construction on the building should start in March 2013.

Physical education teacher Mike Beam said, “The best part about the new weight room is that it’s on ground level, and we will be in a closed environment. When working out, we won’t have any distractions from people in the gym.”

Beam also explained how the new weight room will benefit the school.

“We will have some new equipment, but the biggest benefit will be that we will have more room for people to use,” Beam said.

After the new weight room is done, the school wants to replace the current weight room with extended bleachers to seat more people during athletics and activities. These bleachers are projected to be done by the end of summer 2013.

“The football stadium is also expanding,” Beam said. “The current pressbox and bleachers will be torn down, then replaced by a bigger and more impressive pressbox. The new bleachers will be able to seat almost four times as many people.”

The new stadium should be ready by next football season.

The last piece of construction to be done is adding three new classrooms onto the junior high end. With a class of 80 coming into the seventh grade next year, bigger classrooms are a must. These classrooms are projected to be ready by the starting school year of 2014.

“There are wants, and there are needs,” athletic director Scott Harshbarger said. “And this is a need. These changes are long overdue.”

Article and photo by Paige Nickell, Yearbook Co-Editor in Chief

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