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Rock Creek basketball teams have successful seasons

Rock Creek basketball teams have successful seasons

The boys and girls basketball teams have both posted identical records of 15-3 so far this season. Most recently on Jan. 19, the girls played at home against St. Marys. The game looked like a blowout [...]

News: New principal selected

News: New principal selected

As almost everyone probably knows, Rock Creek principal Dennis Post will retire in a few short months.  After months of searching for candidates and interviewing the selected candidates, a new principal has been named for the [...]

Sports: Wrestling ends on a high note

Sports: Wrestling ends on a high note

The Rock Creek Mustang wrestling team finished with a very good regular season record of 14-5 and qualified five wrestlers for state competition. For the last dual of the regular season, the Mustangs traveled to Onaga [...]

Features:  Staffer has Q&A session with new student teachers

Features: Staffer has Q&A session with new student teachers

There are student teachers throughout the year at Rock Creek that help and teach classes while they are here. Ranging from subjects like social studies to math, they are here to earn their teaching degree in [...]

Editorial: Expansions needed soon

As the years roll by, a number of changes have come to Rock Creek High School. Staff comes and goes, technology is updated and students shape the future. There is one change, however, that is simply [...]

Sports: Seniors being recruited to play college sports

The dream of most high school athletes in this country is to continue their athletic careers into college and, for the most ambitious, onto professional leagues. This dream is rarely obtained.  According to the NCAA web [...]

Opinions: Staffer approves of men’s hair salon

Sports Clips is a hair cut salon just for guys. It is new to Manhattan and is located at 705 N. 3rd Place. The stylists that work at Sports Clips are trained on working with guys’ [...]

Features: How life has changed since current teaches were students themselves

Rock Creek has multitude of new teaching equipment to help improve student learning, such as smart-boards and projectors. But, the teachers who use that equipment now had different technology, or none at all, when they went [...]

Opinions: Staffer applauds “Woman in Black” movie

When I went and saw this movie, a lot of people were in the theater. This tells you that this movie was pretty popular to start off with, so if you decide to go to this [...]

Features: The tricks to dating

Love songs and flowers may work in the real world to attract that special someone. However, high school students have their own, and sometimes not ordinary, techniques to catch the eye of that special someone. To [...]

Features: Kids say the darndest things; students and their most commonly used excuses

During the school year, students come up with crazy excuses to give to teachers about why they are tardy or why their homework is not turned in. Some of the faculty and students answered questions about [...]

News: February News Briefs

Scholars Bowl: Scholars Bowl this year was similar to last year. Varsity won first in Wamego and second at Rock Creek, Silver Lake and league. The junior varsity won first place at Sabetha, second at Silver [...]