Features — 22 February 2012
Features:  Preparing for scholarships important for seniors, underclassmen alike

College is definitely something that needs to be thought about before a person’s senior year. A lot of seniors are applying for scholarships this time of year, trying to get their college funding sorted out.

According to Rock Creek school counselor Kevin Sullivan, the percentage of students that receive a scholarship is up to about 90 percent these days.

Sullivan said, “The respective colleges scholarships are the scholarships most students aim for when applying.” 

There are also more than just scholarships to pay for college tuition.  According to Sullivan, people can use “personal savings or federal financial aide, or you could borrow money from a private lender.”

Seniors Ryan Harshbarger, Adam Schmitz and Jessi Snapp are just a few of the seniors who have been applying for scholarships to help fund college expenses.  All three seniors have come to the conclusion that a person cannot be a slacker when it comes to grades if they expect to get into a good college or to earn scholarships.

Harshbarger said, “You have to stay up in your classes and get good grades, because they will get you far in high school.”

According to the three seniors, people can apply for scholarships online, which takes a little bit of time, but is worth it if scholarships are awarded to help with college costs.

While seniors are applying for scholarships now, Sullivan said that underclassmen also need to be thinking about scholarships and college.  For underclassmen, he recommends that students participate in activities, both in school and outside of school.  Colleges, he said, will look for not only good grades, but many activities.

“An impressive academic record and involvement in both school and with community work look good on scholarships,” Sullivan said. “It’s very important to be in all sorts of clubs. They also highly value your leadership experience and will ask for letters of recommendation.”

 By Kayla Huffman, Staff Writer

Photo by Kayla Huffman, Staff Writer

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