Opinions Reviews — 12 December 2011

On Nov. 18, “Twihards” rejoiced upon the release of the new “Twilight” saga movie,  “Breaking Dawn Part 1.” Many people pre-ordered their tickets online, but those who didn’t spent most of their time waiting in line. In all of this excitement, many people were filled with disappointment when “Breaking Dawn” was sold out.

In the previous movie, “Eclipse,” an army of vampires was built and came after Bella. The vampires and wolves put their problems aside to help protect Bella. Edward and Jacob were up in the mountains keeping Bella safe. At the end, Bella was OK, but now Bella must choose between Edward and Jacob. Who will she choose?

In “Breaking Dawn Part 1,” we get to find out, as the movie focuses on the wedding and the honeymoon of Edward and Bell in the beginning. Only three things really happened, and that was the wedding, the honeymoon and the ending. A good amount of time was spent on each of those three subjects, but it kept you interested, though, so it was not all boring. However, the ending was horrible… unless you like endings that keep you thinking and wanting more.

Here are a couple things to look forward to in “Breaking Dawn Part 2.” One, Bella as a vampire. In “Breaking Dawn Part 1,” it ended with Bella transforming into a vampire and waking up. Two, the Volturi are back. A group of ruthless vampires who love to drink human blood are coming after Bella and Edwards vampire child that they have created, which is a big issue for them because no vampires are supposed to have kids. Three, Renesmee, Bella’s and Edward’s baby,watching her grow up. And, also Jacob imprinted on Renesmee, and because of that, now he is her protector.

Tickets range from $3.50-$9.50 at  Carmike Cinemas, depending on the time of day. Adult tickets are $9.50, and child tickets for  Sunday through Thursday are $7.50. There are also matinee tickets Monday through Sunday $7.50. Also at 4-5:30, tickets are $5.50, and that is called a super bargain matinee. As you see, there are many different prices and deals that help you save a little bit of money. The movie is one hour and 48 minutes long and will be out in theaters for a couple more weeks.

Most Twihard’s read the books before they watch the movie; I personally have not read all the books. What I do know is that there is a lot of information and events that take place in the book that is not in the movie because if they did that the movie would be 12 hours long.Or you could be like me and others who don’t read the books, but enjoy the movies.

If you have not seen “Breaking Dawn Part 1,” I suggest you do that soon. So which side are you on?

By Angel Camacho, Staff Writer

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