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News:  Students perform ‘You Can’t Take It with You’ for annual fall play

As the lights dimmed on Nov. 12, actors at Rock Creek High School took their places on stage to perform Rock Creek’s annual fall play in the commons.

Twenty-one students came together to put on the show “You Can’t Take It with You.” The modern-day “Romeo and Juliet” is a love story about different social classes in the 1930s. As the story starts out, Alice, played by junior Sara Nider, falls in love with Tony, who is played by junior Shane Adams. Tony is vice-president to a company that his greedy father, Anthony, played by sophomore Jackson Meyer, owns. Alice tells her beloved Tony that their families need to meet so that they can be together. Of course, the high social class and the family-oriented lower class clash, and problems occur. Alice and Tony are caught in the middle of love and tragedy when trying to keep their love alive while their families go head to head over other issues. Nider, who played the lead role of Alice, said the show was “very successful.” 

Junior Hanna Ruder, who played Penelope, the crazy mother of Alice, said, “In the end, the play was successful. I was worried until dress rehearsal when I saw it all come together.”

Though the show turned out a success, there were a few minor complications. Junior Trey Basa, who played Donald, Reba’s boyfriend, took one for the cast.

“There was a part where he runs ‘slow-mo’ [slow motion] on stage, and then speeds up and falls,” Nider said. “He did it so many times, I guess he was fearless with it.”

Basa, now with a dislocated shoulder, said it was “worth it, but hard to play it off.”

The cast of the play included seniors Brittny Fensom as the Grand Duchess, Muir as Martin Vanderhof, Jessi Snapp as Rheba and Sam Wilson as Jim Stone. Juniors included Adams as Tony Kirby, Basa as Donald, Jacob Miller as Mr. Kolenkhov, Nider as Alice, Ruder as Penelope and Mason Swenson as Paul. The sophomores consisted of Travis Blenn as Mr. De Pinna, Spencer Bowers as Mac Rock, William Henry as Ed, Chance Maginness as Mr. Henderson, Sarah Marek as Essie, Meyer as Mr. Kirby and Justin Ward as Chief Smith. The freshman cast included Ellie Leonard as Susan, Amanda Del Toro as Mrs. Kirby and  Ashton Umscheid as Ms. Wellington.

Director Keith Miller, pleased with the outcome, said that he “knew the play would be successful.”

By Paige Nickell, Staff Member

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