News News Briefs — 01 December 2011
News:  Student Council sponsors Red Ribbon Week activity
During Red Ribbon Week, senior Karl Thompson drives a go-kart that had normal and “impaired” driving states. Students were able to experience how their reaction time slowed when under the influence of alcohol during the Student Council-sponsored activity. Photo by Katie Hodges

Red Ribbon Week ended with the sound of laughter, as the students engaged in fun activities meant to educate them. Student Council sponsored an assembly for high school students on Thursday, Oct. 20. Three stations were located around the school, each giving different examples and explanations about negatives of alcohol. One was about driving under the influence of alcohol, another about the conditions of the body with alcohol, and the last had goggles to show them how being impaired by alcohol can affect you.

“Be safe,” Student Council sponsor Dick Dugan said. “Every choice you make has a consequence.”

By:  Paige Leonard, Staff Member

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