Features — 19 December 2011
Features:  Last-minute shoppers can complete holiday shopping with these suggestions

With Christmas just around the corner, Santa may know just the right gift for you, but your friends are not always so certain. However, most students cannot afford to buy their friends extravagant and costly gifts. Unfortunately, as the price of a gift goes down, often times, its quality does as well.

However, you are in luck. We have developed a list of gifts that are affordable and that all of your friends will love . . . wait, boys and girls are different! Aha, but we have already thought about that, and after days of grueling research, we have created list for both boys and girls. We even separated gifts by price! Do not worry; there is no need to thank us.

Inexpensive gifts for men:

Headphones – All guys like music, so what gift could be better than headphones to provide hours of musical entertainment. They can also be very cheap and can be bought for around a dollar on sale.

Body spray – This can be a tricky one. While it is a good, cheap idea, you do not want to tell a guy that he stinks.

Clothing – Most guys would be OK with getting clothing for Christmas so long as it is something he would normally wear. In other words, DO NOT get the ugly sweater hidden in the back of the thrift shop!

Medium-priced gifts for men:

Jerseys – Most guys have a favorite player, so why not get him that player’s jersey?

Cologne – This is a great gift for any guy due to the fact that almost all guys use cologne.

Video Games – What guy does not enjoy being able to sit down and relieve some stress by shooting Nazi zombies on “Call of Duty?”

Expensive gifts for men:

iPad – Sometimes the tiny screen on a smart phone just does not cut it.

Guitar – If the guy you are buying for is the creative type, consider getting him a guitar. It is a very fun gift that will last for a long time.

Season Tickets – Getting a guy season tickets for his favorite sport will easily earn you a spot on his top 10 list.

Never get men these gifts:

Candles – Why would guys need a candle? We have air freshener for scent and electricity for light. If you are considering buying a candle, STOP NOW!

School Supplies – Sure, guys need school supplies just like anybody else, but for Christmas? Unless it is something very unique or cool, you should stay away from these.

Food – A food basket is always appreciated, but men typically eat year round, how is getting food for Christmas different from any other day? Men expect to eat during Christmas, whether it is a gift or not.

Inexpensive Gifts for Girls:

Winter accessories – Scarves and hats are perfect for girls. They can keep the girl warm and can be very stylish.

Jewelry – No need to go overboard. Inexpensive earrings, bracelets and necklaces can be found at all clothing stores.

Air Freshener – Assuming that the girl has a car, she would love to have an air freshener to keep her car smelling fabulous. Maybe consider a holiday scent!

Medium-Priced Gifts for Girls:

“Just Dance 3” – Assuming she has the proper gaming system, “Just Dance” is a fabulous gift. She can use the game with all of her friends all year round.

Gift Card – A gift card to her favorite store is perfect, especially for clothes. She knows what looks best on her!

Concert Tickets – Performers are always in Kansas City. All you have to do is find out the music she is into and find a great concert.

Expensive gifts for girls:

Camera – Girls love to take pictures of everything!

Laptop – Does she love to browse the Internet or is she preparing for college? Then consider a laptop… she would be thanking you for the gift for the rest of the year.

Purse  – If you happen to be feeling rather giving this season, one item that girls would enjoy would be a purse, and it would be even better if it was her favorite color. A girl can never have too many handbags!

Never get girls these gifts:

Jeans – Girls are very particular about their jeans. Stray away from these!

Stuffed Animals – A girl loves animals… but stuffed animals? It’s sweet for Valentine’s Day, but she probably already has a dozen others stuffed in her closet.

Flowers – While flowers may be great from a boyfriend, a girl does not expect, nor necessarily want, flowers for a Christmas present.

By Katie Hodges, Yearbook Editor in Chief, and Devin Muir, Newspaper Editor in Chief

Photo by Mason Swenson

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