Opinions Reviews — 29 November 2011

What if you were 17, loved to dance, and moved to a new town, just to find out it is illegal to dance in public? That means no dancing at school dances, no going to parties and especially no being out after 10 p.m. In the new movie, “Footloose,” a remake of the 1980s hit movie, this is the situation facing a teenage boy and his new friends.

Growing up in Boston, Mass., and moving to Bomont, Ga., Ren MacCormack (played by Kenny Wormald) has trouble understanding why they made the law against dancing. After meeting the preacher’s daughter Ariel Moore (played by Julianne Hough), Ren teaches her that she does not always have to be the perfect; sometimes, it is okay to just go out and dance at a local club, along with their two other friends, Rusty (Ziah Colon) and Willard (Miles Teller). Ren goes to a city council meeting to try and get the law against public dancing in the city limits of Bomont abolished. Upon failing to get the law abolished, Ren, with the help of the senior class of Bomont, fixed up an old building right outside of Bomont called Basement, where they throw their own Prom. After getting Reverend Moore’s permission, Ren took Ariel to the dance and showed her to cut loose “footloose.”

The soundtracks between the new and old versions of the movie are pretty much the same. The song that plays when you first see Ren in his yellow Volkswagon Beetle is “Metal Health” by Quiot Riot. The main song, the “Footloose” theme song, in the first one was sung by Kenny Loggins, and in the remake, “Footloose” is sung by country singer Blake Shelton. Other than that, the movie soundtracks are similar.

All in all, it is an inspiring movie, which teaches people to never give up in what they believe in. I think the first one was better, because I watch the original at least five times a month, because it is the original! The new director, Craig Brewer, did a great job of relating his remake of “Footloose” to the original, though. It is not in theaters anymore, but when it comes out on DVD, I will for sure be buying it.

By Kayla Huffman, Staff Member

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