Editorial Policy — 30 November 2011

The Hoof Print Online is a monthly student-produced online newspaper, published to inform and to entertain the Rock Creek Junior/Senior High School community and to educate journalism students with the guidance of a faculty adviser. Student staff members will be offered opportunities to inform, investigate, entertain, interpret and evaluate – all accepted functions of traditional American press. Included materials will be those of responsible journalism, including restraint by the students and adviser in matters such as libel, privacy, obscenity and copyright.

The staff chooses to reflect the mission of Rock Creek Junior/Senior High School, to serve the interests and the needs of the community and to provide fair, objective, accurate and truthful materials. Opinions do not necessarily reflect views of anyone other than the Hoof Print student staff.

Digital photos have not been altered to manipulate reality. Photo illustrations are labeled to reflect any technical alterations.

Anonymity may be given in the following cases: the information is unable to be presented another way, the information warrants anonymity, the source’s privacy and/or reputation requires protection and the source must be protected from damages.

Student or faculty member deaths during the coverage period will be covered with a short obituary and a mug shot photo, if available.

If errors are negligently made, corrections will appear on the site by reposting the story with an editorial note.

Advertising must meet the same guidelines as editorial content. Acceptance of advertising does not constitute an endorsement by the school. Students pictured in advertising must sign a release and accept no monetary compensation. Advertising rates available on request. School club discounts are available.

Letters to the editor must also meet the same guidelines as editorial content, must be 200 words or less and must be signed. Baseless accusations, libelous statements, insults and unsigned letters will not be considered for publication. The staff reserves the right to edit or omit letters. Letters should be taken to Room 112 at Rock Creek High School, e-mailed to rockcreekjournalism@gmail.com, or sent through the “Contact Us” link on this site.

Contact Information:
Rock Creek High School Hoof Print Newspaper
c/o adviser Jessica Augustine
9355 Flush Rd.
St. George, Kan. 66535


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