Columns Opinions — 29 November 2011
Column:  Fashion bracelets should support worthy causes

A recent trend going around Rock Creek is wearing bracelets. While bracelets have always been around, now they are starting to turn into a way to express the way a person feels about something or to support certain causes. For example, the band Gym Class Heroes has its own, along with Panic at the Disco, while some have random sayings on them, such as “Your Fancy, Huh?” and “I Heart Bacon.”

One ever so increasing is the “I ♥ Boobies.” It could be said that they are inappropriate, but they do have a meaning. They a for a foundation called Keep A Breast. This foundation helps give awareness and help the fight against breast cancer. They come in all different colors, such as white with pink writing, yellow with pink writing and black with white writing, plus much more.  They also print their slogan on sweatshirts, T-shirts and just about anything that you can think of.  Rue 21 has a competing type of bracelet. They are not for Keep a Breast Foundation, but they are to support Boobies Rule, which has a partnership with Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

In my opinion, these bracelets are acceptable. Everybody has a reason to wear them, whether for fashion, or for a family member. Sophomore Kaeleen Laird wears hers for her grandma, who survived breast cancer. Laird and her grandmother now wear the bracelets to show their support for the fight against beast cancer.

There are also bracelets that are not so school appropriate, such as “Legalize Marijuana” bracelets, which students at our school are wearing more and more. These speak about something that is illegal and against school guidelines. The guidelines say that any article of clothing displaying tobacco, drugs or alcohol brand names will not be allowed. In my opinion, these are not acceptable, and they are not school appropriate.

In all fairness, people are just expressing their feeling and emotions towards a certain subject. The only type of bracelet that I think are bad, are the ones that advertise illegal messages, products and substances. The “I ♥ Boobies” bracelets and similar ones are to support cancer and have a meaningful message behind them, which students should be sharing.

By Mason Swenson, Technology/Photography Editor

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